Endo International plc 2015 Annual Report
Endo international plc 2015 annual report
endo international plc
2015 annual report

Our Business Segments

Endo International plc

$3.269 Billion

Revenue in 2015


from the previous year for total company

U.S. Branded Pharmaceuticals

Endo Pharmaceuticals:
Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania
Develops and delivers important branded pharmaceutical products that address the unmet needs of patients.

2015 Revenues:

$1.285 Billion

Revenue in 2015


from the previous year

Segment Milestones:

Completed the acquisition of Auxilium Pharmaceuticals and revitalized product portfolio and R&D pipeline. Additionally, integrated branded specialty products from the acquisition of Par Pharmaceutical

Secured FDA approval for BELBUCATM and extended the Voltaren® Gel licensing agreement through 2023

Received a favorable IP ruling for OPANA® ER and continued to advance that product with a submitted data package to the FDA, which could support an abuse deterrent formulation label expansion

Secured FDA approval for XIAFLEX® label update to include recurrence and retreatment data in patients with Dupuytren's contracture

Key Products:





Voltaren® Gel



U.S. Generic Pharmaceuticals

Par Pharmaceutical:
Headquartered in Chestnut Ridge, New York
Develops, manufactures and markets safe, innovative and cost-effective generic pharmaceutical products that help improve patient quality of life. Par’s differentiated portfolio includes alternative dosage products as well as many in difficult to manufacture areas. Additionally, the Par portfolio includes both branded and generic sterile injectable products. The Company is advancing a research and development (R&D) pipeline of >300 potential new products. The combination of the Qualitest and Par businesses (known collectively as Par Pharmaceutical) was completed in September 2015.

2015 Revenues:

$1.672 Billion

Revenue in 2015


from the previous year

Segment Milestones:

Created a Top 4 U.S. Generics company (based on IMS data)—achieved critical mass in generics through the acquisition of Par Pharmaceutical and expanded portfolio with higher barrier-to-entry and alternative dosage products

Tripled Generics R&D pipeline

Commenced full-scale integration of generics businesses as well as a portfolio review focused on optimizing generics business operations and product offerings

Key Product Segments:

Sterile injectables

Alternative dosage products/new launches

Base business

International Pharmaceuticals

Endo is a multinational company with corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Our International Pharmaceuticals segment businesses include: Paladin Labs, headquartered in Montreal, Canada; SOMAR, headquartered in Mexico City, Mexico; and Litha, headquartered in Midrand, South Africa.

2015 Revenues:

$312 Million

Revenue in 2015


from the previous year

Segment Milestones:

Paladin delivered strong results and exceeded Endo’s expectations

Paladin in-licensed Iclusig®, a novel treatment option for patients with chronic myeloid leukemia, from Ariad Pharmaceuticals and launched the product in Canada in August 2015

SOMAR performed well as demonstrated by its positive growth and margin expansion

Refocused Litha on core pharmaceuticals by acquiring a product and R&D portfolio from Aspen while divesting non-core device and vaccine assets

Key Global Markets:



South Africa

Shaping the future

At Endo, we are committed to improving lives while creating value. Toward this goal, we seek to manage our Company for the future in order to create continued, sustainable growth. Our 2015 Digital Annual Report uses the metaphor of origami, the art of transforming a simple piece of paper into magnificent shapes, to illustrate this cycle of growth and the evolution of our core businesses: U.S. Branded, U.S. Generic and International Pharmaceuticals. We believe that our Key Values—leadership, teamwork, innovation, being results-driven and having a sharp customer focus—are what drives us to success in not only managing for the future, but also actively shaping it on behalf of our customers and shareholders.